A (Jive) Ode to the Shopping Mall
O great planned blandness
 slick sterile storehouse of stupid stores.
O gaudy christmas tree place
 split-level guinea pig cage, a maze
 for piggy schizophrenic blind mouse people.
O crooked dealer of credit cards & Hallmark cards.
O great giant indoor monopoly board.
O palatial death tomb sparkling in Life magazine color.
O colossal neon cracker jack box off the beltway,
 with your gurgling fountains & mindless muzac.
O candy-cane pee-in-the-bed toy building.
O architectural embodiment of some weird suburban
 sexual perversion.
O valuable real estate full of parking spaces
 & lost cars.
Let us leave you now.
Let us never need worry for blue jeans & deodorant.
Let us never need worry for toasters & power tools.
Let us leave on the escalators & through the revolving doors,
with our escalating finance charges & our revolving charge plans.
Let us all run to our cars parked diagonally.
Let us all leave you now, happy that we can live in America,
 & still only be 10 minutes from our homes.

© 1995 Melvin E. Brown

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