photo by bbcloris

whatever the knowledge
of good and evil is
what is known here
from this splendid crown
down to these hallowed roots
is that the same light that shines
on this blushed fruit
shines also on this cold coiled
flesh called serpent
circling my trunk

what is known is that
the wind whispered with
blossoms blowing across my bough
that there is this good news
about a star and a mother and a manger
and this male child born
and about him leaving and returning
later like the leaves
that leave me
in winter

what is known is that one day
this brother of my bark
a Sycamore some will say
would hold a man named Zacchaeus
high in his branches to witness
and welcome this begotten son

this is more good news
because we are planted firmly in soil
to stand and watch and wait
and we are also cedar steeples pointing
away from sin and reaching skyward
to uplift the love and elevate
the vision of humankind

so what is known is that
we can have scripture written
on our flesh or we can be made
a shelf for books or a church pew
or we can be a table for feasting or
made an Ark afloat through a storm
or maybe a simple shelter
but never ever should we be
shaped and crossed
in blood


© 2018 Melvin E. Brown